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Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Versus Wizards Unite

The year 2018 is a great year for Harry Potter fans everywhere in the world where we have two major games coming out, it’s Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery versus Wizards Unite showdown. What game will be best? Which will retain the most fans a year from now, two? We’ll know when the games come out, but for now we can speculate with what we know from the various trailers around.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Versus Wizards Unite


Let’s list what we know from each game and let’s start with Wizards Unite for our Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery versus Wizards Unite battle:

  • Will follow Pokémon GO technology with augmented reality and is made by Niantic which made Pokémon GO
  • Will release in the second half of 2018, so prepare yourselves for holiday season 2018
  • Will probably be available for Android and iOS devices like Pokémon GO
  • Portkey Games also involved with this title through Warner Bros.
  • Will be able to “cast spells, battle creatures and discover artifacts”
  • Niantic promised that they will “pioneer all new technology and gameplay mechanics”
  • Possibly takes place all around the Earth and not just in Hogwarts

And now for Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery:

  • Is an RPG game, possibly single player
  • Takes place inside Hogwarts (and the surrounding areas)
  • You can create and personalize your character
  • Emphasis on your story within Hogwarts since this game predates Harry Potter’s story
  • Interact with the professors from the Potter universe
  • Graduate from Hogwarts (there are several years to graduate from)

Both games look vastly different, one has a big story mode and the other one will probably be more about exploring. I think that since both games are somewhat developed by the same people, they will both complement themselves. If you want to interact with people around you in a Harry Potter setting, Wizards Unite will probably be the better choice, but if you want something to play alone, Hogwarts Mystery will be the best choice.

That’s it for my Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery versus Wizards Unite comparison and I hope everyone is excited to find more about some of the best upcoming mobile games for 2018.

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